Intel Server

Server Room

Many small to medium-sized organizations choose x86 servers to run Windows and Linux-based applications because the performance and security are well balanced with cost.

We know and can choose the right server mix for your business. That's why all our IT Infrastructure project planning always begins by assessing your current environment and business requirements. From planning to implementation to managing your infrastructure, Blair Technology Solutions is ready to help you leverage the full power of you Intel servers.

Our Methodology

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We Assess

Blair Technology Solutions will assess your current infrastructure, future growth, performance, and cost to design a custom solution to complete your vision.

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We Design

We determine your risks and interdependencies to achieve optimal design, comparing plans, and recommending the most appropriate option for you.

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We Deploy

Blair Technology Solutions’ fully certified team will install and configure your x86 infrastructure so that it is optimized for reliability, performance, and cost,

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We Manage

We monitor every day, all day, all year round through our Network Operations Centre and manage all the critical infrastructure so you can focus on other parts of your business.

 The Blair Advantage

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At Blair Technology Solutions, our dedicated team offers tiered service level agreements that leverage our years of experience in backup solutions with 24×7 support.

We can help you eliminate the need for multiple disparate infrastructures to help your company leverage your IT systems. We can improve your technology with simplified operations, including day-to-day infrastructure management, monitoring, and maintenance.