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Targeted and sophisticated email attacks is the number one threat resulting in cybersecurity breaches in the corporate world. Whether it is phishing, business email compromise or a ransomware attack, these attacks are using emails to trick a user to opening a malicious attachment, or clicking a malicious link or impersonating an executive for financial gain. For many years, Secure Email Gateway (SEG) has been used as a critical email security tool to scan emails and determine whether they are phishing, spam or malware. However, as organizations move their email to the cloud using Microsoft 365 and other cloud providers, traditional Secure Email Gateway has become less reliable as a means to protect users from email-borne threats.

Blair Technology Solutions provides a multi-layered approach to help you build better email security.

Avanan Email Security


Security Beyond Email

Avanan connects directly to the native API of cloud email providers and their associated SaaS applications, providing real-time and historical data on every user, file, event, and policy — not only of internal accounts but everyone who has access.


Trained on advanced threats

Scan emails after default security, Secure Email Gateways (SEGs), and Advanced Threat Protection. Learning from the attacks those technologies miss, Avanan blocks attacks that evade traditional scans before reaching the inbox.


Invisible to Hackers

No change to MX records means that hackers can't see if an organization uses Avanan to secure their cloud. At the same time, seamless security doesn't interrupt user experience in cloud applications.


Adapted to each environment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) learns from relationships between employees, historical emails, and communication patterns to build a custom threat profile that blocks attacks specific to each organization.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Blair Technology Solutions follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to help you benchmark your current security operations and build cybersecurity strategies.

 Our Methodology

Shift Employee Mindset

Human error is the most significant security risk to organizations. We start with the awareness program to train your team's response to email security threats.

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Assessment and Visibility

The Blair Cloud Security Assessment automatically gathers the data you need to get more visibility, control, and insight into Azure AD and the core Microsoft 365 cloud services.

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Pre- and Post-Delivery Security

We implement Avanan Email Security, a multi-layer and AI-driven solution, to prevent attacks that bypass conventional security solutions.

 Customer Use Case

The largest independent agricultural equipment dealer in Canada with 36 branches needed an effective anti-phishing tool for better email security

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One of Blair Technology Solutions’ Managed Services client was experiencing more than usual phishing attacks in their Microsoft 365 environment.

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Blair Technology Solutions deployed an anti-phishing tool for all the client’s 1000 mailboxes that needed to be protected

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  • 99.2% Reduction in phishing attacks reaching end users

  • 71.2% Reduction in phishing alerts to SOC

The Blair Advantage

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As a client, you receive 24×7 Complete protection for your infrastructure and applications and access to our advanced knowledge and expertise that can help you bridge the security skills gap with intelligent monitoring, remediation, and management. Giving you continuous improvement and exposure to the latest technology available will allow you quick access to security experts to assist you when you need it to most.